image of Enviro-Monitron for control and monitoring of shellfish holding system

The Enviro-Monitron™: an OUTSTANDING environmental controller for aquaculture systems


Expressly designed for Aquaculture Recirculating Systems, the new Enviro-Monitron is a full-feature multi-task monitoring and control system.

Experienced aquaculturists and supporters of the KISS principle (keep it simple) , the Enviro-Monitron’s designers wanted a system that biologists, researchers, and technicians alike could easily adjust to their own needs without previous programming training. Designed to hold up well under the harsh conditions of most aquaculture applications, this system can grow to handle complex and numerous tasks, while remaining extremely simple to use.

It integrates data monitoring (8 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs and 2 high-speed digital inputs), process control (6 cyclic or proportional outputs, 2 analog 4-20 mA, and 2 on/off outputs), display, alarming, and the capacity to transfer data to a central computer via a radio link.

Enviro-Monitron’s general specifications

• Possibility to continuous monitoring of Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Temperature, pH, Salinity, Conductivity, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), and Turbidity.

Other equipment (e.g. flowmeters, level sensors) can be integrated

• Each probe is easily calibrated by one or two points

• Auxiliary I/O supporting 18 Inputs (8 Digitals, 8 Analogs and 2 Pulses). Inputs can monitor parameters such as pump, chillers and heater’s status, water levels

• Handy for maintaining control over water use, the Enviro-Monitron can monitor and control the level of water exchange in a system. Water inlet can be adjusted as either the % tank volume per day or as % of total flow

• Every unit is built to client’s specification. Most popular configurations include DO, pH, % recirc, and temperature control

• 8 Power Switches (International Rectifier) output (5 Amp. 24 Volts DC each).

• Menu-driven programming environment.

• FLASH memory for stocking data (49 152 data for 25 days).

• Battery back-up for monitoring.

• Multi instrument networking capability (up to 50 apparatus) via a Radio-link or a RS485 cable.

• Housed into a 100% polycarbonate non-corrosive NEMO 4-X box (humidity and splash resistant enclosure).


Radio transmission

Data transmitted by radio frequency can travel through walls and floors, and on long distance depending on the environment. For example, 900 MHz signals will travel between 250 m when travelling across 5 concrete walls, and up to 6 km in open air. This span can be increased considerably with the use of an RF repeater.
Monitoring functions have been standardized. Every 1/10 second the Enviro-Monitron reads each input and after 100 reading, the apparatus computes, monitors and displays a mean of these readings. Each 5 minutes, this data can be transferred to a central computer that integrates records from up to 50 individual Enviro-Monitrons. Dissolved oxygen measurements are computed in both mg/L and % saturation; temperature in oC or oF, salinity in PSU and flow in L/min. or US Gal/min.

Enviro-Monitron’s advanced control functions include PID (proportional derivative integral control), cyclic PID (voltage variable) and on/off regulation. These sophisticated features integrate the advantage of great precision and stability in maintaining DO, temperature, % of recirculation, salinity, etc., at a given value. This is done with extreme ease: the operator simply enters the set points for a given parameter; a smooth and precise response is then automatically set in motion. Further, an unique auto tuning function allows to rapidly and precisely calibrate the PID and cyclic PID controls.

The alarm system provides visual notification (blinking screen) when data exceeds the programmed deviation (set in %). Each input triggers its own alarm. Used in conjunction with a standard telephonic modem, the Monitron generates remote alarm notification via a digital pager. Used in conjunction with the central computer running the Enviro-Monitron software, it provides more elaborate Email alarm notification directly on digital pager (service offered by most telephone companies).

Our monitrons are currently operating in aquatic laboratories and live lobster facilities in Canada and Europe.









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