intro image of shellfish holding system habitat construction

Expend your business space

By taking advantage of vertical space, one can hold a surprisingly large number of animals isolated in individual cells.   An individual cabinet unit houses two stacks of trays. 

With a height of 2.29 meters (90.16''), a standard cabinet is shipped standing in a 40 ft Highcube container. With a footprint of only 2 sq. meters (22 sq.ft), this 14 -trays-high structure can comfortably house 420 kg lobster (924 lb).

Higher structures can be assembled. The beam position is then adjusted so that adjacent cabinets fit smugly into one another, making compact and sturdy structures. For instance, with a height of 3 meters (9'10") the 19 trays-high cabinet structure showned below houses 540 kg lobster (1188 lb).

Cabinet Unit

19 Trays-high Cabinet Unit


Cabinet-like structure are fabricated from  Fiberglass beams entirely resistant to seawater and long lasting .  

An assembling of four adjacent cabinets for a total holding capacity of approximately 2400 kg (5280 lb) is showned above.  Each of these cabinet is 3 m (9' 10'') high and contains two stacks of 19 trays.  Cabinet's  height is adapted to every location.

Stand pipe

Compact Shower System

With two moulded-in overflows each tray keeps the animals in just enough water to be submerged (9 to 11 cm, depending on water flow).  The water spills from one level of trays down to the next below, travels through the dividers to the overflow located at the other end, spills to the tray below, and so on.  Water is then recycled through our  Water REcycling with Biofiltration (REBF) system.  

Trays in our aquaBiota Habitats have calibrated holes strategically drilled across the floor that create a micro-current around and under the animals.   The water exchange rate per hour is adjusted in every stack to assure that each animal is sure to bathe in constant flow of high quality and well-oxygenated water.     

Added security: when the water flow is interrupted, trays will gradually drain to let lobster breathe air, preventing them from drowning in oxygen exhausted water.

Note that cabinets are not essential to operating an efficient long-term storage system. Trays can also be nested into compact piles and set under shower as showned above.










Standard Cabinet

Pull up Front
2 stacks
Number of trays per stack
Total number of trays per Cabinet
Average lobster holding capacity per Tray
15 kg
33 lb
Capacity 420 kg 924 lb
* Add 5.9'' (150 mm) for the water injector