intro of aquaBiota Habitat for live lobster holding

Balance seasonal harvest with market demands

Canadian Technology Know-How


"If you can keep pure, well oxygenated water flowing around each of the animals, they're going to live much longer."— Words of wisdom from Canadian biologist Hélène Drouin, president of AQUABIOTECH, and specialist in the design and fabrication of closed-circuit tanks for the conservation of aquatic and marine life.   "Furthermore, if you keep each animal segregated in chilled water,  you can store quality lobster for at least three months, and possibly up to six months."




lobster tray


Lobster trays were developed to meet longer-term holding requirements faced by lobster distributors to balance seasonal harvests with market demands.  Combined with our aquaBiota water reused systems, they provide optimum conditions for the lobster to survive and thrive in storage.

The concept is engaging

• The animals are housed in plastic trays which are stacked up in Fiberglas cabinet-like assemblies, or nested into piles, under a shower system. When slid into cabinets, trays are pulled open like drawers, allowing for easy access to each lobster.

• Lobsters in each tray are isolated in individual compartments, a creative arrangement which protects them from attacking one another, and let them to get into a calm state similar to dormancy. Movable plastic inserts, called dividers, can be custom located to accommodate a wide variety of lobster sizes and storage densities.

• Habitats are not limited to seaside installations — in inland facilities the water is recycled to very high proportions (close to 100% of the total waterflow in the system).

Our ready-to use biofilter, pre-coated with active nitrifying bacteria, is then incorporated, along with associated water filtration equipment. The higher the level of water reuse in a chilled system,the more significant the energy savings while the animals are protected from ambient sea water pollution and tide fluctuations.












The ingenious design of the aquaBiota™ Habitat enables to store  lobster with ease in a surprisingly small footprint, while holding the animals separate and allowing easy access to each, individually. The water recycling system of the aquaBiota™ Habitat chills water to as low as 2°C, thus extending life expectancy and sustaining product quality.








Watch AQUABIOTECH's guidelines to success in holding lobster long-term! (click bottom on right for the full screen PP presentation)

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