1-Ton holding capacity aquaBiota Unit with closed REBF Module


The aquaBiota Habitat™ can be serviced by two types of water-reuse modules: the SEMI-OPEN module and the CLOSED REBF™ module.

 The aquaBiota Habitat™ with SEMI-OPEN module — This module is ideal for    you if your installation has access to enough cold seawater to refresh the    aquaBiota Habitat™ several times in a day — on, or very close to the    waterfront. While this is a lower-cost choice, it nevertheless gives you full    control over the required rate of refreshment and oxygen level in each tray    without the need for a biofiltration capability. A chilling unit can be added to    cool water at critical periods of time, such as when the product is about to be    delivered.

•  The aquaBiota Habitat™ with CLOSED REBF™ — This module is the option    for you if:-
•  Your distribution plant is far from a source of seawater — perhaps servicing a    large inland urban distribution centre.
•  You find yourself in a situation in which you need to keep your animals chilled    without disturbance over periods of several months.


The CLOSED REBF™ module is designed for full water reuse and complete control over operating conditions, ensuring that the water remains crystal clear and well balanced chemically. The effluent is passed through a seven-stage water filtration process: two stages of particle filtration down to 15µm, followed by a further five stages: carbon dioxide degassing; biofiltration; oxygenation; pH control; and foam fractionation. Note that the biofiltration stage is carried out by Our AquaNit™ trickling biofilters. These biofilters are delivered pre-coated with active seawater nitrifying bacteria. This pre-coating feature — exclusive to Aquabiotech — kick starts the process of lowering the ammonia level in the recycled water to acceptable levels — a tremendous timesaver in the commissioning process.

The minimal water refreshment rate in the system (99.9% water reuse by flow) allows for the economical use of seawater trucked in or made up from salt mix. The high rate of water recirculation means that the chilling costs can be kept to a minimum. With this system, you can be sure that your lobster storage will give you a service equal to any seaside operation using our Habitat with SEMI-OPEN Modules.












« Right from the first contact I had with AQUABIOTECH, I’ve been satisfied that I was doing business with super competent people. It’s very evident that they do their best to satisfy the client and that they care about ascertaining and understanding our needs. »

Dr. Remy Rochette, UNBSJ, NB, CANADA